Schematic of the simplified modelling framework based on the particle–network scheme

To appear Springer (2012)

The progression of a susceptible–infected (SI) epidemic in a heavy-tailed network

Nature Physics 8, 32–39 (2012)

Flight and commuting networks on top of global population layer.

Featured on the Cover of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol 106, Issue 51

Flight and commuting networks.

Featured on the Cover of PhysicsWorld Feb 2 Issue


Spread globally, infect locally: Model predicts transmission of flu

Scientific American Dec 15, 2009

The Flu Fighters

PhysicsWorld Feb 2 Issue

Interconnected networks of human mobility in North America.

Nature 464, 984-985 (15 April 2010)

Human Mobility and Epidemic Spread

IU Press Release

Multiscale Human Mobility Network

APS March Meeting 2010 Image Gallery

Comparison of the effect that adding commuting has on the infection tree.

PNAS 106, 21484 (2009)

Illustration of the 12 countries seeded by Mexico in the inicial phase of the Influenza A/H1N1 (2009) pandemic

BMC Medicine 7, 45 (2009)